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Horse & Equine Vitamins, Supplements, Nutrition & Much More in Canada

At EC Farmacy, we are committed to providing premium horse and dog products, with exceptional service and at a fantastic price.

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Not only are horses incredibly beautiful animals, but they are also quite sensitive. They require not just understanding and patience, but specialized and delicate care. 

A life devoted to the horse takes passion and commitment, as well as the right information and a wealth of specialized knowledge. At EC Farmacy, we offer a wide range of the best quality horse vitamins, supplements and nutrition, and at unbeatable prices. 

The incredible relationship that exists between horses and people dates back thousands of years throughout history. They’ve influenced art, provided us with transportation, as well as excitement through sport and competition. And, above all else, they have provided us with irreplaceable companionship.

With all that horses do for you, ensure that you are taking care of them properly with the top of the line equine supplies, supplements, vitamins and nutrition available only at ecfarmcy.com.

Why choose EC Farmacy?

When it comes to superior horse supplements, nutrition, vitamins and supplies, we cannot be beat. With our headquarters located in Southern Ontario, we offer a vast selection at an affordable price, with fast shipping and exceptional customer service. We are renowned subject matter experts in equine wellness products and supplies, and are relied upon by some of the most elite, professional equestrian athletes in the industry.

Have your pick from an extensive collection of the highest-quality horse and dog supplies at EC Farmacy. We’re here to help keep your equine and canine friends happy and healthy!


We ship anywhere in Canada from our location in Georgetown, Ontario. 

For Customer Service please email info@ecfarmacy.com or call 905-691-5141.

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