EZ Wash Wand
EZ Wash Wand
EZ Wash Wand

EZ Wash Wand

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EZ Wash Wand is “a perfect way to wash your horse, dog, goat, or show animal without getting soaked and stinky!

Only available in Pink.

It is the ONLY therapeutic, water saving, light weight and adjustable pressure wash wand available to the public today.
With the EZ Wash Wand, the drudgery of washing your animal is over! This wand removes the dirt, dander, and everything else our four-legged friends enjoy to roll in!
Anyone who has used EZ Wash Wand absolutely loves it! It is a lightweight aluminum wash wand that brings the joy back to cleaning your animal and they love it too!

  • Clean your animal in under 15 minutes
  • Keep dry while washing
  • Saves money on shampoo and scrubbers
  • Eco-Friendly, conserves water

This is our original wash wand in the green colour.  Simply attach to your garden hose and use the adjustable hand trigger to wash your horse or show animal.